Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrophotometer

IRSpirit, Ready to Run

Space-Efficient with High Expandability

  • Compact FTIR that travels where it's needed.
  • For sites with only a narrow space available, samples can be measured with the unit positioned horizontally or vertically.
  • With the widest sample compartment in its class, it easily accommodates Shimadzu and third-party accessories.

Dedicated IR Pilot Program Ensures Immediate and Easy System Operation

  • IR Pilot includes 23 application programs as standard.
  • Includes an identification test program convenient for routine inspections as standard.
  • Includes a pass/fail judgment program specialized for contaminant analysis as standard.

High Reliability Ensures the System Can Be Introduced with Confidence

  • Stable interferometer performance based on technology inherited from high-end models.
  • Designed to endure even high-humidity environments (KRS-5 window is selectable).
  • Instrument status monitoring function enables users to understand the instrument status easily
  • Anti-theft and anti-drop keylock can be installed.

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