Rubber Tensile Testing

Fully Automatic Rubber Tensile Testing System

Fully Automatic Rubber Tensile Testing System

Fully Automatic Rubber Tensile Testing System

Compactly Integrating Functions Required for Quality Control of Rubber Shimadzu Fully-Automatic Tensile Testing System


  • Compliant with JIS K6301 and K6251 standards for rubber
  • 100 % elongation compatible extensometer
  • Automatic 3-point thickness measurement matched to test material
  • Pallet system used for storing specimens (max. 120 specimens)
  • JIS-compliant dedicated data processing software
  • Eccentric roller type air chuck supporting a mechanism for preventing specimens from slipping down during the test
  • Sagging of chucked specimens automatically compensated
  • High-speed (max. 2000 mm/min) return to zero after specimen breakage


Applicable specimen JIS K6251 No.3 and No.5: For tensile testing
JIS K6252 Crescent type and angle type (optional)
Load capacity 1 kN
Test speed 5 to 500 mm/min
Grip, bending jig 1 kN pneumatic eccentric roller type grip
Gauge length extensometer Contact type extensometer (GL20, 25 mm)
Specimen size measuring device Linear gauge type
Specimen storage unit Pallet type
Data processing unit JIS K6250, 6251, 6252 (optional) compliant

[Evaluation Targets]

Various rubbers

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