Published four times a year, the free on-line Shimadzu Journal will focus on specific topics in each issue. It introduces collaborative research, and contains many technical reports and application notes written by Shimadzu. Download below the latest issues with focus on Food Safety, Environmental Analyses, Clinical Researches, Materials Science, Forensics and Toxicology and Environmental...


Shimadzu Journal Vol. 10, issue 1

Materials Science

  • Measurement of Electrolyte Solutions for Lithium-Ion Secondary Batteries with IRSpirit Glove Box System
  • Polychromatic Simultaneous WDXRF Spectrometer
  • And much more ...

Shimadzu Journal Vol. 9, issue 2


  • Method Optimization for the Analysis of Monoclonal Antibodies by Size-Exclusion Chromatography
  • Characterization of Control and Stress Induced Samples of Trastuzumab Biosimilar
  • And much more ...

Shimadzu Journal Vol. 9, issue 1

Clinical Research

  • Characterization of the Rapid Corrosion of Silver Nanorods in Water and Implications on Sensing Applications
  • Towards fast, routine blood sample quality evaluation by Probe Electrospray Ionization (PESI) metabolomics
  • And much more ...

Shimadzu Journal Vol. 8, issue 2

Hydrocarbon Processing Industry

  • Reliable Sulphur Detection in Petrochemistry
  • Analytical method for determining aromatics and olefins in fuel as an alternative to FIA method.
  • And much more ...

Shimadzu Journal Vol. 8, issue 1


  • Application of HPLC in Quality Analysis of Hydroxychloroquine Sulfate
  • Determination of genotoxic impurity NDMA in Ranitidine by LCMS-8050 and LCMS-9030
  • And much more ...

Shimadzu Journal Vol. 7, issue 2

Environmental Analysis​

  • Professor Erich Leitner from Graz University of technology, talks about his main research deals with the quality of food and food contact materials, and his use of Shimadzu technologies for over a decade
  • Osaka University and Shimadzu led by Professor Eiichiro Fukusaki show the development of a high sensitivity analytical method for quantitative analysis of trace amounts of D-Amino acids
  • And much more ...

Shimadzu Journal Vol. 7, issue 1

Environmental Analysis​

  • Dr. Alan Jamieson, a senior lecturer of School of Natural and Environmental Sciences, Newcastle University, talks about his main research on the exploration of the deepest parts of the ocean, the ‘hadal zone’, and his use of Shimadzu technologies to test samples of the hadal animals
  • Dr. William Lipps, Chief Science Officer at Eurofins Eaton Analytical, Inc. He discusses five new methods that his team has developed or is in the process of developing in cooperation with Shimadzu to achieve quick data acquisition with more accuracy
  • And much more ...

Shimadzu Journal Vol. 6, issue 1

Materials Science

  • Insight from Customer: Dr. Gunnar Merz, CEO of CFK Valley e.V. in Germany. The CFK Valley e.V. is an established World-wide competence network for carbon fiber reinforced plastics.
  • Development of Solid-State Emissive Materials Based on Agggregation-Induced Emission-Inducible Organoboron "Element-Blocks"
  • Detection of Inclusions in Metal Materials Using an Ultrasonic Fatigue Testing System
  • And much more ...

Shimadzu Journal Vol. 5, issue 1

Clinical Research

  • Insight from Customer: Professor Daniel W. Chan from the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
  • Analysis of Glycan Structures Using Chemical Labeling and MALDI MSn Mass Spectrometry
  • The Grand Challenge to Understand the Brain: Neuroimaging by Near-infrared Spectroscopy
  • And much more ...

Shimadzu Journal Vol. 4, issue 1

New Energy

  • Insights from our customer Professor Osamu Ishitani of the Graduate School of Science and Engeneering, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan
  • Cutting-Edge Development of Artificial Photosynthesis That Drives Reduction of Carbon Dioxide
  • Analysis of Hydrocarbons Using PCI-GC-MS
  • And much more ...

Shimadzu Journal Vol. 3, issue 3

Pharmaceutical Analysis

  • Insights from our customer Professor Alexander Arnold from the Milwaukee Institute for Drug Discovery at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
  • The collaboration with Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma Corporation, Japan for development of pharmaceutical products using Imaging Mass Spectrometry: iMScope TRIO
  • Metabolic Studies of Drug Candidates for Neurological Disorders and Asthma Based on GABAA Receptor Subtype Selective Ligands using Mass Spectrometry
  • Utility of High-resolution MALDI imaging in Drug Discovery: Histological Distribution of Gentamicin in Proximal Renal Tubules of Rats
  • And much more ...

Shimadzu Journal Vol. 3, issue 2

Food Development and more...

  • Application of GC/MS and GC/FID-based metabolomics for authentication of Asian palm civet coffee (Kopi Luwak)
  • Development of GC-MS analysis methods for essential oil distributed nonuniformly in foods
  • Opening of the Osaka University and Shimadzu Analytical Innovation Research Laboratory
  • And much more ...

Shimadzu Journal Vol. 3, issue 1

Environmental Analysis

  • Insights from a customer: Interview with Prof. Kevin A. Schug, University of Texas at Arlington, US, who presents the latest results of his research on groundwater analysis.
  • Interview with Prof. Michihiko Ike, Osaka University, Japan, about developing technologies to clean wastewater based on biodiversity.
  • And much more applicable topics, latest news and applications.

Shimadzu Journal Vol. 2, issue 4

Forensics/Toxicology and more...
  • Insights from a customer: Prof. Pierre Marquet, University Hospital of Limoges, France
  • Forensics: Determination of opiates, amphetamines and cocaine in whole blood, plasma and urine by UHPLC-MS/MS using QuECheRS sample preparation
  • Herbal Remedies: A Closer Look at Cannabis Testing

Shimadzu Journal Vol. 2, issue 3

Materials Science and more...

  • Insights from a customer: Prof. Dr. Frank Walther, TU Dortmund, Germany
  • New Material: Influence of Deformation Speed and Humidity on Quasistatic Deformation Behavior of Vulcanized Fiber – Experiments with Different Load and Climate Profiles
  • New Technology: Adoption of a 10 MN Fatigue Testing Machine to Expand the Evaluation Ability of Composite Materials for Aerospace Structure

Clinical Research and  more... 

  • Insights from a customer: Dr Michelle McIntosh of Monash University, Melbourne, Australia
  • Drug Metabolism: The Oxytocin Revolution - Saving lives of mothers after childbirths in the third world 
  • Pradigm Shift in Cancer Diagnosis: Basics and Algorithm 

Pharmaceuticals and Human Science: This issue focuses on Pharmaceuticals and Human Science, and contains such articles as follows:

  • An interview with Professor van Breemen, who is studying medicinal properties of natural products at the University of Illinois, College of Pharmacy, in Chicago, using advanced mass spectrometry
  • Professor van Breemen's latest work of the effect of human exposure to bisphenol A in the environment
  • Two interviews with Japanese pharmaceutical companies about Shimadzu's new technologies i-PDeA and i-DReC and technical reports of each technology
  • In addition, it contains information on other applicable topics, as well as the latest news and applications.

Food Safety and Environmental Analysis: This issue focuses on food safety and environmental analysis, and contains information on two collaborations:

  • An interview with Professor Mondello, who is becoming the leading light in the field of the Comprehensive GC x GC / LC technology, which is widely applicable to the fields of food, fragrance and petrochemistry, provides details on his current studies and the challenges he faces.
  • A technical note on multi-residue analysis of pesticides in food, a collaborative work with the Food and Environment Research Agency, UK In addition, it contains information on other applicable topics, as well as the latest news and applications.

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