T Series

T Series

Torsional Fatigue Testing Machines

T Series Torsional Fatigue Testing Machines

High Data Reliability Guaranteed

These testing machines test the torsional strength characteristics of engines, turbines, and motors, and of shafts, couplings and clutches that transmit rotational torque used in automobiles, aircraft, carriages, electric motors, and machines.


  • Static capacity 1.5× that of dynamic capacity
  • Torque actuator has outstanding endurance at low friction.
  • Extends the life of hydraulic operating fluid and hydraulic operated devices.
  • Sub controller function enables the specimen to be attached and removed without an overload being applied to it.
  • Full safety interlock is provided to enable unmanned testing.


Tightening torque: 0.5 to 20 kN•m model is available. Contact your Shimadzu representative for details.

[Evaluation Targets]

Fatigue strength/Hydraulic actuation, Automobile parts/chassis, Metal/machinery

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