Tensile Testing Machine

Hydroshot HITS-T10

High-Speed Tensile Testing Machine

High-Speed Tensile Testing Machine

Dynamic Strength Evaluation of Plastics, Composite Materials, Aluminum Alloy, etc.

With more and more requests being voiced for improved safety reliability in the automobile, electric and other industries, the evaluation of the dynamic strength (vs. impact properties) of materials is becoming more and more important.

The check point in material strength evaluation that has conventionally been only static strength has expanded to include the scope of dynamic strength (vs. impact properties). The dynamic strength of materials is used in CAE (Computer Aided Engineering) as the fundamental data of product design, and are also being greatly applied for the purpose of improving the efficiency and speed of R&D.

The dynamic strength properties and materials evaluation data of fracture types such as this can be measured easily by the Shimadzu Hydroshot HITS-T10.

Data for S-S (stress-strain) curves, maximum test force, energy, displacement, and other test parameters, that serve as the dynamic strength information of various materials, can be provided by tensile testing at arbitrary speeds up to 72 km/h (20 m/sec).


  • Real power of speeds up to 72 km/h
  • Designed to support thorough impact testing
  • Full lineup of safety interlocks
  • Environmentally friendly and energy-saving
  • Leading-edge software


Part No. 346-72457
Model Hydroshot HITS-T10
Impact test force 10kN
Max. speed 20m/s
Speed setting range 0.0001m/s to 20m/s
Piston movement 300mm
Power amplifier
Amplifier range 100%, 50% and 20% of power detector rating
Precision Within ±1.0%/range full scale
Response frequency DC to 100kHz (-3dB)
Displacement amplifier
Amplifier range 100%, 50%, 20%, 10% of 150mm
Precision Within ±1.0%/range full scale
Response frequency DC to 10kHz (-3dB)
A/D converter Sampling interval min. 0.5µs, resolution 12 bits
Approach jig Tapered approach system
Hydraulic power supply unit AF-7H, 7L/min, water-cooled type, installed at bottom of main unit
Safety interlocks
Door open/close interlock switch
Safety mat interlock switch
2-switch controlled start operation
Smart timer, etc.
Controller 4870 controller (exclusively for high-speed impact)
Software High-speed impact test software
PC operating environment* OS: Windows XP
CPU: 800MHz or faster, Memory: 128MB or more
HDD free space: At least 8GB, with CD-RW
Free full-size PCI slot × 1
Free serial port × 1
Power supply requirements 200V, 3-phase 6kVA, 100V, 1-phase 1.5kVA
Dimensions (tester main unit) 1020 (W) × 700 (D) × 2850 (H) (mm)
Weight (tester main unit) Approx. 1,500kg

* PC and OS are not included in the standard configuration. Please prepare these separately.

[Evaluation Targets]

Metal/machinery, Automobile parts, Plastics

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