Absolute Specular Reflectance Attachment

Relative Specular Reflectance Measurement

With absolute specular reflectance measurement,
as shown in the figure, a reference sample is notRelative Specular Reflectance Measurement
used, the sample-free state (air) is set at 100%,
and the reflection of the sample is simply applied
to the 100% setting when measuring the sample.


Configuration of ASR Attachment

This attachment measures the absolute reflectance

of the specular reflected light. It is used to measure
the absolute specular reflectance of a solid sample,
such as a mirror, when mounted on the large-sample
compartment or SolidSpec. The sample base plate
integrating sphere set must also be mounted at the
same time. Since measurement is influenced by
polarized light when the angle of incidence is
large (30°, 45°), the separate polarizer is required<
to accurately perform measurement.


  • For UV-2450/2550/2600/2700, UV-3600, SolidSpec
  • Approximate size of sample:
    25 to 200 mm dia. or 20x20 to 150x150 mm, thickness up to 30 mm
ASR Attachment Name Angle of Incidence Measurement Wavelength Range
ASR3105 300 to 800 nm (when MPC-2200/2600 is used)
300 to 2400 nm (when MPC-3100 or SolidSpec is used)
ASR3112 12° 300 to 800 nm (when MPC-2200/2600 is used)
300 to 2500 nm (when MPC-3100 or SolidSpec is used)
ASR3130 30° 300 to 800 nm (when MPC-2200/2600 is used)
300 to 2300 nm (when MPC-3100 or SolidSpec is used)
ASR3145 45° 300 to 800 nm (when MPC-2200/2600 is used)
300 to 2300 nm (when MPC-3100 or SolidSpec is used)
BIS-3100/3700/3700DUV Sample Ba

This set comprises a sample base plate
and integrating sphere. It is required for
mounting the absolute specular reflectance
attachment onto the UV instrument.


  • For UV-2450/2550/2600/2700, UV-3600, SolidSpec
Name Applicable Instrument Measurement Wavelength Range
BIS-3100 UV-2450/2550/2600/2700 240 to 800 nm
UV-3600 240 to 2600 nm
BIS-3700 SolidSpec-3700 240 to 2600 nm
BIS-3700DUV SolidSpec-3700DUV 175 to 2600 nm


Large Polarizer Set, Polarizer Type I, II, III

This attachment is used to obtain accurate
reflectance measurements at high angles
of incidence without the instrument being
influenced by polarized light. The polarizer
adapter set is required for the polarizer type I, II, III.


  • For UV-2450/2550/2600/2700, UV-3600, SolidSpec

*) This polarizer is used in the multi-purpose large-sample compartment and absolute reflectance specular attachment.


Name Effective Diameter Operable Wavelength Range
Large Polarizer Set 20 mm 250 to 2300 nm
Polarizer Type I 18 mm 400 to 800 nm
Polarizer Type II 17 mm 260 to 700 nm
Polarizer Type III 10 mm 260 to 2300 nm

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