Corporate Philosophy

  • Shimadzu Quality, Sustainability and Innovation

Added value for you 

Product and service quality of the highest level, easy-to-use instruments, system performance and total costs of ownership (TCO) are important parameters  for achieving the best results for maximum cost-effectiveness. With this claim, Shimadzu continuously extends and redefines technological limits. This is confirmed by numerous world premieres and awards. All analyzers are manufactured in accordance with internationally established standards (for instance ISO), so users can work according to GLP, GMP, FDA or Pharmacopoeia. Shimadzu offers interdisciplinary solutions for many application areas. The motifs shown above represent Shimadzu’s claims to trade fairs, conferences and symposia – and offer users the added value in their work for their clients.


... means the best. It is apparent in the details. And in our employees. Both contribute to your added value.


... means creating technologies that are compatible with our lives, our values and with nature. This will secure our future.


... means overcoming limitations and preconceptions – technical, psychological, social. This leads to progress.

Contributing to Society through Science and Technology

Shimadzu is a world-leading manufacturer of analytical instrumentation. With its technologies, Shimadzu enables its customers from the most diverse industries as well as in the medical field to develop new products and solutions to promote and protect people’s health and lives and to support the protection of the environment worldwide. 

With our Corporate Philosophy "Contributing to Society through Science and Technology", Shimadzu promises customers worldwide to realize our wishes for the well-being of mankind and the Earth.

Our products are best solutions for

  • Environment
  • Pharmaceutical Industry  
  • Food, Beverages and Agriculture 
  • Chemical, Petrochemical, Biofuel and Energy Industry 

Since the foundation of the company in 1875, this philosophy has been the driving and innovative force for Shimadzu’s product development and business activities. 

The challenge to protect the basis of life for mankind and nature is our most important issue, no matter whether in industrial, emerging or developing countries. Our technology is aimed at customer needs, serving the well-being of people and is in accordance with ethical values, environment and nature.

Excellence in Science 

Our new brand statement, "Excellence in Science", reflects our desire and attitude to respond to customers’ requirements by offering superior, world-class technologies.

Based on Shimadzu´s founder Genzo Shimadzu Jr. who has been awarded as one of Japan’s ten greatest ever inventors, and Koichi Tanaka, the 2002 Laureate of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry, our company provides a structure which supports creative talent of scientists and engineers.

The basis of our success lies in our enthusiastic and motivated personnel who, in close cooperation with our customers, design and realize individual solutions.

Best for our customers 

Innovation goes hand in hand with comprehensive service packages and holistic applications, as reflected in Shimadzu’s consulting and application solutions. Shimadzu produces globally according to acknowledged quality standards and enables its customers to work according to GLP, GMP, FDA and standard methods described in various pharmacopoeiae.

Shimadzu has grown organically as a company since 1875 and its technical know-how is based on a rich historic development and a worldwide network. Our offices in 76 countries with a total of about 10.000 employees guarantee that we are within close reach of our customers. In Germany for instance, Shimadzu serves its customers through 6 technical offices and service support centers.

We are delighted to serve the needs of internationally active companies, small businesses and large enterprises alike. With our customer-oriented strategy and our high-quality service, we strive to be Europe's market leader. 

Our Mission

Quality at Heart, Innovation in Mind

Shimadzu is a world-leading manufacturer of analytical instrumentation. We develop and manufacture innovative products for laboratories in industry, science and governmental institutions. 

Consumer, product and environmental safety are the most important issues for our companies and subsidiaries all over the world, no matter whether in industrial, emerging or developing countries. These challenges contribute to the bigger picture we support, of preserving the basis of life for mankind, flora and fauna as well as living in harmony with nature and the environment.

Each branch of our company hosts a laboratory for ingredients, materials and product analysis as well as quality control. These labs are equipped with high-tech analytical instrumentation systems for detection of residues, components and substances.

With our personal and individual customer-oriented strategy and our high-quality service, we strive to be Europe's market leader as producer of analytical instruments.  

Our technology is aimed at customer needs, serving the well-being of people and is in accordance with ethical values, environment and nature. With our high-quality products we want to reach absolute customer satisfaction, including most modern technologies with excellent price/quality ratios, the best advice and support as well as numerous services such as preventative maintenance and customer training.Our instruments and services of course meet international standards.

Future-oriented high-quality solutions

Constant commitment to innovation and high-quality technologies has, from the early days, been the key to our European customers – and this still applies today. What began with a team of five colleagues in 1968 in Düsseldorf , Germany, has developed into a large European network with offices and trade partners in 64 cities in 34 countries – unified by one central approach: to provide top class solutions.

Numerous world premieres and awards substantiate Shimadzu’s claim to continuously exceed existing limits of technology and provide better and better instruments.

In each decade of its history, the company has launched technological breakthroughs, and in recent years has achieved an even higher clock rate of innovations based on scientific know-how and progress achieved by academics and industry. 

What’s next?

Shimadzu’s R&D is driven by scientific curiosity, and designs tomorrow’s solutions - today. To provide Excellence in Science.

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