Fatigue Testing

The level and complexity of product reliability and safety requirements have been increasing in many industrial fields. Complying with such requirements requires performing a wide variety of tests and evaluations at each stage of production, from research and development of materials to evaluation of finished products.

Materials and parts can sometimes form cracks from repeated exposure to even small forces and, in the worst case, even completely fail. Therefore, for products that are exposed to repetitive loads, such as automobiles, mobile phones and other frequently handled items, and artificial bones and other biological materials or implants, it is essential that materials, parts, and finished products be evaluated by dynamic/fatigue testing and endurance/reliability testing. In addition, to more closely approximate actual usage conditions, an increasing number of tests used in research and development of various materials with special functional properties require more complicated and accurate control or measurement methods.

Shimadzu offers a wide variety of testing machines that can be configured to satisfy increasingly sophisticated and diverse evaluation and testing requirements in a wide range of fields.

Product Lineup

EHF-E Series

 EHF-E Series Servopulser Servo Dynamic Systems.

EHF-U Series

Servo-Hydraulic Testing Machine (Servopulser)
U-Type Loading Frame (Overhead Actuator Type)

EMT Series

Fatigue and Endurance Testing Machine with Direct Electrically Powered Actuator.

Micro-Servo MMT Series

Micro-Servo MMT Series
Electromagnetic Force Micro Material Tester


Ultrasonic Fatigue Testing System.

ECU1/ECU2 Series

Up to 50 % energy savings. Contributes to reduced CO2 emissions and lower running costs.

EHF-L Series

EHF-L Series
Servopulser Servo Dynamic Systems

Solution System Packages

Accessories & Components

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