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Syringe Selection Guide If a syringe is being used by hand, a manual syringe should be...

SPE Syringes

SAMPLE PREPARATION – MEPSTM is Micro Extraction by Packed Sorbent and is a development for sample preparation and handling. MEPS is the miniaturization of conventional SPE packed bed devices from milliliter bed volumes to microliter volumes. The MEPS approach to sample preparation is suitable for reversed phases, normal phases, mixed mode or ion exchange chemistries. MEPS is available in a variety of common SPE phases.

Inlet Septa

Low-bleed septum is not completely free of bleeding. The type of bleeding that occurs varies with the septum, and results in different patterns on chromatograms. In the case of high-sensitivity analysis, it is necessary to select a septum whose bleeding will not occur at a point that interferes with the peak of the target compound. Conditioning for several hours between 200°C and 250°C after extraction with hexane may help to reduce bleeding.

Inlet Liner

The GC inlet functions as the interface between the syringe and the GC capillary column, where the sample is introduced, vaporized, mixed with carrier gas and transferred to the column. Shimadzu instruments offer several types of inlets - split, splitless, programmable temperature vaporization (PTV) and on-column.

Ferrules and Unions

SEPARATION - Ferrules are available in a variety of different materials, shapes and sizes depending on their use, the instrument and the size of the capillary column being used. Probably the most important but difficult aspect of choosing a ferrule is the selection of the material type. The table below will help you choose the appropriate ferrule material for your application.

Gas Filter

Impurities in gases, such as hydrocarbons, moisture and oxygen, can contaminate the gas line and...

GC Accessory Kits

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