GFA Graphite Tubes

In graphite furnace technology, it is important to select the graphite tube according to the target element and sample composition. Actually there is a wide variety of different graphite tubes used in electrothermal atomization. Shimadzu´s atomic absorption spectrometers can be operated with different tube types: high density graphite tube, pyrolytic coating graphite tube, a “fork”- platform graphite tube and last not least the omega platform tube.

(1) High-densitiy
Can be used for all elements. Especially effective for low-boiling point elements/low atomization temperatures (Cd, Pb, Na, K, Zn, MG, etc.)
(2) Pyro-coated graphite tube
More resistant to acids than a conventional high densitiy tube. Effective for elements that end to form carbids (Ni, Fe, Cu, Ca, Ti, Si, V, Mo, etc.)
(3) Platform tube
Restricts chemical interference due to coexisting substances. More matrix independent. Effective for the analysis of environmental samples and biosamples, such as sea water and industrial waste.
(4) Omega-platform graphite tube
Superior platform tube design due to less contact area to the outer tube and equal distance to the outer tube. Superior characteristics compared to (3).


Find more information to select the most suitable graphite tube in the Application News


Benefits of platform tubes

As less contact area between tube and platform, as higher is the time delayed heating and as higher is the sensitivity enhancement

Using platform tubes increases sensitivity

The outer tube is heated directly by high current (black).

Subsequently, the inner atmosphere is heated by radiation (blue).

Sample/atoms start to evaporate but can condensate because atmosphere temperature is too low, which means a loss of sensitivity.

The platform (orange/green) is heated less fast than the outer tube (black). As less contact area between tube and platform, as higher is the time delay. This enhances sensitivity.

Tubes Ordering Information

Ref.   Description Content P/N

High-density graphite tube 1 pc. 206-50587-12
10 pcs. 206-50587-85

Pyro-coated graphite tube 1 pc. 206-50588-11
10 pcs. 206-50588-84

Platform tube 1 pc. 206-50887-02

Omega-platform tube 1 pc. 980-05340

Starter Kit:
Graphite cap, Graphite holder,
4 tubes (Pyro-coated, High-density, Platform, Omega-platform)
6 pcs. 980-08855

Tube Holder / Cap Ordering Information

  Description Content P/N

Graphite cap 1 pc. 206-50602RI

Graphite holder 1 pc. 206-50603RI

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