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Shim-pack HR-ODS

The Shim-pack HR-ODS column is capable of higher resolution analysis with conventional HPLC systems. With a packing material particle size of 3 μm, a high theoretical plate number of approximately 30,000 can be achieved with conventional HPLC while minimizing the pressure applied to the column.
Since existing HPLC equipment can be used, and handling is comparable to a conventional column, the Shim-pack HR-ODS clearly a user-friendly, high-resolution column.

Shim-pack MAqC-ODS

Shim-pack MAqC-ODS I reversed-phase columns are packed with a silica gel containing metal and added octadecylsilyl group. In addition to the hydrophobic characteristics of the ODS, the metal content also provides cation-exchange effects. This increases the retention of basic compounds. Therefore, this allows use with only a buffer solution as the mobile phase for analyses that previously required using an ion pair reagent and enables using gradient elution.
These characteristics are especially beneficial for analyzing water soluble vitamins and pharmaceuticals that contain a large amount of basic compounds.

Shim-pack UC-X Series

When conducting analysis with the Nexera UC supercritical fluid chromatography system, because diffusion of the sample band in the mobile phase is high compared with liquid chromatography, separation behavior changes significantly depending on the types of columns used.
Shim-pack UC series was designed with a variety of stationary phases, making it suitable for analysis of various compounds.

Shim-pack XR Series

Shim-pack XR Series columns use a 2.2 μm packing particle size and offer a skillful balance between resolution efficiency and pressure. An XR Series column resolution equivalent to a general-purpose column with 5 μm packing particle size (Shimpack VP-ODS), but significantly reduces the analysis time. The pressure on the column under many analysis conditions does not exceed 35 MPa. Consequently, ultrafast analysis can be comfortably performed on an existing instrument.

Shim-pack GIST/GISS/GIS/GWS Series

Shim-pack GIST Series: Ultra-high inertness and high durability
Shim-pack GISS Series: High-speed analysis with ultra-high inertness and high durability
Shim-pack GIS Series: High retentivity, lower column back pressure, high inertness
Shim-pack GWS Series: Medium retentivity and high inertness

Shim-pack Velox LC Columns

Designed to maximize performance of LC systems, Shimadzu's Shim-pack Velox columns with core shell technology enable you to achieve increased separations and faster analysis times on any LC platform. Whether developing a high efficiency LC separation method, transferring an existing method for increased throughput while maintaining resolution, or are trying to improve the resolution of a complex separation, Shim-pack Velox columns will satisfy your needs.
Column ruggedness is critical to any LC analysis and Shim-pack Velox core-shell columns deliver excellent column lifetime for even the most challenging sample matrices.

Shim-pack Scepter LC Columns

Excellent stability and performance could be achieved under a wide range of LC conditions with Shim-pack Scepter LC columns, which are the next generation organic silica hybrid based columns. With different chemistry characteristics, Shim-pack Scepter columns are effective for method development/scouting with suitability for use in a wide variety of applications. With different particle sizes (1.9 μm, 3 μm, 5 μm) and different column dimensions, Shim-pack Scepter LC columns are fully scalable between UHPLC, HPLC and preparative LC making method transfer seamless between different laboratory instrumentation.

Shim-pack Arata LC Columns

Even for LC columns that claim to be designed for basic compounds, adequate resolution often can not be obtained due to problems such as leading of highly polar basic compounds, peak shape deterioration of acidic compounds, or long equilibration time required for low ionic strength acidic mobile phase. All of these issues have been solved with Shim-pack Arata that was specifically designed to give unmatched peak shape for basic compounds.

Shim-pack Bio Diol & IEX Columns

The accurate analysis of biopharmaceuticals compounds is required for developing higher quality biopharmaceuticals.
Shim-pack Bio Diol and IEX columns will improve the accuracy of the characterization of peptides, oligonucleotide and biopharmaceuticals.

Capillary / Micro Scale Columns

Micro LC: Above and Beyond Nano

Dedicated Columns

Columns for Cannabis Testing, PAHs and further dedicated analyses

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