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iMScope™ QT

Inheriting the concept of a mass spectrometer equipped with an optical microscope from the iMScope series, the iMScope QT is also Shimadzu's flagship model for MS imaging with a Q-TOF MS.

The iMScope QT boasts not only fusion with morphology studies but also excellent speed, sensitivity, and spatial resolution, clearing the way to next-generation mass spectrometry imaging.

This instrument is not available in the USA and may not be available in some other countries. Please contact your local Shimadzu representative for availability.

Total System for MS Imaging Analysis

Mass spectrometry imaging is performed in three steps: pretreatment, data acquisition, and data analysis.
At each step, the optimal approach accelerates research, while improving the reliability of the results.

Key Points for MS Imaging

Key Points for MS Imaging

iMLayer™ AERO

iMScope is a trademark of Shimadzu Corporation.


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