MSW² Type Udck

Not for use in diagnostic procedures for human. For research use only animal.


Microsampling Device MSW2 TM Type Udck TM

Introduction of a quantitative microsampling device
Microsampling Wing × Microsampling Windmill

The MSW2 series offer tools for easily fractionating a predetermined amount of plasma from a small amount of blood, for nonclinical animal experiments.
The MSW2 is designed based on the principles of the 3Rs (Replacement, Reduction and Refinement) to minimize the burden to animals.
Also, since the entire process, from sampling to fractionation of a predetermined amount of plasma, can be completed with devices only, so human errors are minimized.
The MSW2 consists of the Microsampling Wing blood sampling device, and the Microsampling Windmill, a specialized holder that allows for efficient use of the Microsampling Wing.



  • Easy microsampling
    Procedures from sampling to quantitative fractionation are possible without any high-level training.
  • Reduce microsampling process
    Since Microsampling Wing has a high solvent resistance, re-measurement is not required before
    deproteination and other processes subsequent to quantitative fractionation.
  • Enhanced productivity
    A Microsampling Windmill simultaneously centrifuges and puts up to 14 Microsampling Wings.


■ Microsampling Wing

  • Sampling by capillary force
  • EDTA-2Na coated
  • No necessary seal during centrifugation
  • Chip(s) which has extact volume can be snapped off with fingertips
Microsampling Wing TM

■ Microsampling Windmill / Centrifuge Tube

  • Holds up to 14 Microsampling Wings at a time
  • The Microsampling Windmill with the microsampling Wings can be centrifuged* and stored
  • Can be stacked
  • Alternatively centrifuge tubes for single sample preperation
  • *A specialized centrifuge rotor is required.
Microsampling Windmill TM                        


Order Information

Name Microsampling Wing
Type Udck 235
P/N 228-77120-41
Content 14 pcs
Material Olefin polymer
Whole volume 23 μL
Plasma zone volume
*Only for reference and not guaranteed
5.6 μL(2.8 μL+2.8 μL)
Anticoagulant EDTA-2Na
Size 45 mm×13 mm×2 mm
Method of storage Room temperature, keep away from direct sunlight. The expiration date of Microsampling Wing is indicated on the package. Not sterilized

Name Microsampling Windmill
Type Udck
P/N 228-77128-41
Content 10 pcs
Material Polycarbonate
The number of devices 14 pcs (maximum loading No.)
Size φ150 mm×6 mm
Others ・Lid included
・Can be stacked
Method of storage Room temperature, keep away
from direct sunlight
Name           Tube for Centrifugation
P/N 228-77133-41
Volume 5 ml
Content 14 pcs
*Refer to the instruction manual M815-E012 for instructions on how to use the tube for centrifugation 

Technical Report

No. Title Content PDF
U815-1001 The sampling precision This report shows that the sampling precise by determinating the concentration of a chemical compound spiked in plasma. Download (280 KB)

Method of use

Method of use
Method of use

MSW² , Microsampling Wing, Microsampling Windmill and Udck are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Shimadzu Corporation in Japan and/or other countries.
For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


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