Dedicated Columns

To help solve chromatographic challenges, we offer a selection of specific GC columns for dedicated applications like EPA methods, food analysis, clinical samples …. These columns and stationary phases are optimized and tested to provide the best separation, accurate quantification and short analysis times.


  • 5% diphenyl / 95% dimethyl polysiloxane
  • Optimized for PBDE analysis by EPA Method 1614.
  • Short column option resolves BDE-209 three times faster, with less thermal breakdown.
  • Unique deactivation gives higher BDE-209 response than competitor columns, for greater analytical sensitivity.
  • Exceeds EPA Method 1614 resolution criteria for BDE-49 and BDE-71
  • Similar phase: Rtx-1614
  • Temp. Range: -60 to 330/360°C
ID df 15 m 30 m
0.25 mm 0.10 µm 227-36265-01 227-36265-02

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