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  • Seamless integration with LC by design
  • Superior detection for added confidence
  • Streamlined operation for cost efficiency

The LCMS-2050 single quadrupole mass spectrometer combines the user-friendliness of an LC detector with the excellent performance of MS to provide a complete package of user-friendliness, high-level basic performance, and compactness. To make it as simple to use as possible, the system is packed with technology and functions to ensure that even users unfamiliar with mass spectrometers can easily and efficiently proceed with data acquisition. While enabling a sense of operational convenience and easy operability on par with an LC, it provides the high speed, high sensitivity, and wide mass range analysis carried over as features of Shimadzu mass spectrometers, so there are no compromises in its performance as an MS detector. It can target a wide range of compounds from low molecular to high molecular, and low-polarity to high-polarity, so the LCMS-2050 can be used in a variety of fields and applications. Further, as it is equipped with data analysis support functions using Analytical Intelligence as well as eco conscious functions, it also contributes to labor savings and energy savings in laboratories.


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Seamless integration with LC by design

  • Eliminates the Installation and Training Costs of Introducing an MS
  • Sized for Integrated into LC Systems
  • Easy Parameter Settings for Seamless Operation
  • Mass-it: Adds Mass Information to UV Chromatograms Automatically

Superior detection for added confidence

  • Measures Compounds with a Wide Range of Characteristics
  • Optimal for High-Polymer Analysis
  • High-Speed MS Suitable for UHPLC

Streamlined operation for cost efficiency

  • Space Savings
  • Automatic Checks of Instrument Performance (Performance Concierge)
  • Environmental Responsibility
  • Easy Maintenance

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